The Creche in the village is loved by the children…

The Creche in the village is loved by the children…

The creche has become a safe, happy environment for the children and babies of the village.  Many of the children don’t have the privilege of reading books, playing with toys, colouring or watching a movie, so to come to the village whilst their parents are busy working and to spend a few hours in the creche is very welcomed.  


Mothers are also able to bring their babies, feed them and then let them have a nap whilst they go to work in the village.  The creche has really enabled the parents to get on knowing that their children are happy and safe until they have finished. 





In the blink of an eye everything can change so quickly…..

In the blink of an eye everything can change so quickly…..

Last week our Founder, Greg, experienced one of the most terrifying and heartbreaking moments of his life. In the blink of an eye everything can change so quickly.

Greg and his Learn to Trade team had flown to Mexico City to launch his new Learn to Trade business. On Tuesday 19th September, they were caught in one of the deadliest earthquakes Mexico had had for 30 years, a massive 7.1 magnitude.

Greg told us that from his hotel room (on the 42nd floor!) he could see that the cranes and other buildings were swaying side to side. His hotel began to shake and at this stage his life flashed before him. He was evacuated from the building and typical of Greg, instead of thinking of just himself, he firstly checked that his team were all ok and then put his ‘natural philanthropic mind’ into gear and said, “Right lets go and help”.

Greg and Rachel jumped into a vehicle and spent the next couple of hours buying essential supplies and provisions for the rescue workers who were searching for survivors; gloves, water, food, dust masks. Even this was a task in itself as most of the hardware stores had been affected by the earthquake and were not open.

Once they had stocked up their vehicle, they then headed to a school, Colegio Enrique Rebsamen, where sadly 21 children had already died and volunteers were frantically digging through the rubble with their bare hands in the desperate hope of finding more survivors.

School Image

The Colegio Enrique Rebsamen

Greg told us that it truly broke his heart to know that so many lives had been lost and having three children himself, could not imagine the anguish that these parents were going through. “There was a real sense of solidarity coupled with desperate urgency at the site – with the news of any children being found sending cries and tears of joy amongst everyone who was working tirelessly to find more children.”

Greg laying flowers

Greg laying flowers at the site of the school.

In a world where it seems natural disasters are ever more frequent, it is imperative that we come together to help those most in need.

The day before Greg flew to Mexico, he had also been in touch with Sir Richard Branson about helping the communities of The British Virgin Islands. They too were in a desperate way with many of their homes and livelihoods destroyed by Hurricane Irma, the largest Atlantic Ocean storm in recorded history.

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda after Hurricane Irma had been through…

There is an urgency to help all the local people impacted by these tragedies and we urge everyone who can help to please do so. Our experience over the past few years in the Philippines, following the impact of Typhoon Haiyan, proved to us that the initial response following such tragedies can make all the difference.

That is why, with our next fundraising event, Flying Trader 2 on Thursday 28th September, we have pledged to help support the relief agencies both in the British Virgin Islands and Mexico. Not only that… all three of Greg’s Learn to Trade regions are taking part in the Flying Trader 2, and have pledged their full support to Mexico, The British Virgin Islands working with Virgin Unite and our core GSF activities in the Philippines.

With the scale of these disasters it does mean that it is impossible to assist everyone, but with your help we can make an important difference to many of those who need our help most.

Please help and donate now – no donation is too small. Thank you.

The Emergency Trip Video

The Emergency Trip Video

In August you may recall us mentioning that Greg, Dean and our Ambassador, Ms Angelia Ong had to make an emergency trip to the village. One of our beneficiary families had lost their home in a flood and needed help. Greg made the decision to fly out and with the help of his team literally picked up the remains of the house (just the roof!) and carry it to a new safer plot.  The community all rallied together, it is just so reassuring that not only have we built a village but also created an environment where they all come together, and will now not only survive in, but thrive in.

It is thanks to you all with your donations that we are able to give these beneficiaries a life change. In January, we will be celebrating the completion of the village and welcome anyone that wants to join us to please do. For more information on this please get in touch with one of the team on  We look forward to seeing you there and joining us in this life changing experience. 


CPU hold a ‘Packaging Lecture’  in the village

CPU hold a ‘Packaging Lecture’ in the village

Last Saturday, the Department of Packaging, from the College of Engineering, at the Central Philippine University visited the Greg Secker Foundation Village to conduct a series of Lectures and activities.  This course can only be taken at the CPU so we were incredibly lucky to have the students with us.
In line with the course, the students taught the beneficiaries all about packaging products, and how important it is to put a label on correctly so that it is eye catching to the consumer. Our ‘Atsara Ladies’ really benefited from listening to this.  A couple of months ago, we mentioned that our mothers from the village were setting up their own ‘Atsara’ business, (Picked Papaya).
A few of the students designed some labels which are fantastic – now we just need to decide, with their help and yours of course, which one would look best.  
The children from Grade four, five and six also had a fun day, learning Origami (Japanese way of folding paper). They also received gifts of school supplies which was so kind of the students. 
Once the lectures were finished and the children had finished doing Origami, everyone came together and all took part in games and dancing which filled the afternoon with laughter, not only from the children but the students and parents too.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful community.
And finally, the students donated two dustbins to be used in the village. So generous, thank you for everything that you do to help the beneficiaries in our village. heart 
Giving to Charity Good for Business Survey Finds

Giving to Charity Good for Business Survey Finds

New research from the Greg Secker Foundation and YouGov finds 54% of UK respondents believe UK businesses should give a percentage of annual profit to charity by law. 

LONDON, UK, September 5, 2017 – New research from social development charity, the Greg Secker Foundation, has revealed 54% of UK respondents believe UK businesses should be required to give a percentage of their annual profits to charity by law, outlining a strong moral obligation for businesses within the UK. The research – conducted among over 2,000 UK adults (+18) – questioned public opinion on whether UK businesses are doing enough for charities. The results show many UK businesses are missing a trick by not focusing more of their efforts on philanthropic activities.

The findings revealed donating a small percentage of annual profits (up to 5%) to charity would significantly better the image of the business to consumers. If consumers knew a UK business gave 5% of its annual profits to charity:

  • 43% would have a more positive opinion of the company
  • 20% would use this company over competitors companies
  • 17% would recommend the company to friends/family

The research also found donating a percentage of profits isn’t the only option for businesses, with 41% of those surveyed believing businesses should be doing more for charity as a whole. Offering pro-bono services that map back to the business’ specific area of expertise came out on top with 25% of respondents wanting to see more of this. Donating more of their profits followed with 24% and upskilling members of the community 21%.

“UK businesses are already doing excellent work for the third sector, and the government’s tax relief incentives are certainly a step in the right direction. However, what these results show is there is public appetite for more, both morally and legally,” said Greg Secker, founder of the Greg Secker Foundation. “Time and time again we see the benefits a thorough corporate social responsibility programme offers businesses, with the figures here speaking for themselves. By simply donating a small percentage of annual profits to charity, businesses are able to increase brand loyalty, positively shift perceptions, and increase their potential customer pool, all the while helping a good cause. We would just like to encourage businesses to keep the third sector in mind because helping out is good for business.”

Research Methodology

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2191 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 22nd – 23rd August 2017. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+). References to “UK businesses”, relate to private sector businesses of 50 or more employees.

An amazing £70,000 raised for the Foundation.

An amazing £70,000 raised for the Foundation.

On Tuesday September 5th,  ‘Flying Trader2’ was launched, with our Founder, Greg, taking to the skies in his helicopter trading both the European and US currency markets with clients from Learn to Trade UK and South Africa based on the trading floors.  All commissions from the trading activities and the profits from Greg and his team were being donated to the Foundation. Just incredible!


The morning sky did not look appealing.  The cloud was thick, grey and low but Greg was determined to get airborne as soon as possible. It wasn’t long before he was up and away and the trading could begin with his top traders around the world, scanning the markets for trades using state of the art software.


After several re-fuels back to the airport, Greg was able to do a ‘flypast’ over the Learn to Trade offices in London and then land into Battersea helipad. The clients were able to meet Greg and talk about the excitement of the trades of the day.



The day was a huge success and a whopping £70,000 has been raised from the day. We really can not thank everyone enough.  


The money will go towards funding the building of the 100 houses in our village, as well as the livelihood program we have planned once the village is open in January. 70 homes are complete and now, because of this amazing contribution we will be even closer to hitting our target of 100 houses this year. 

Flying Trader2 have already set another date, the 28th September 2017. If you are interested in joining this fantastic day please visit

Our Year 6 pupils receive a very generous gift…

Our Year 6 pupils receive a very generous gift…

By DR June Sanico 1 Reply 4 Sep 2017
Ms Katrina Jucaban
Since Saturday classes began in the village, Ms Katrina Jucaban, a 3rd year education student, majoring in Mathematics has been involved with our Year 6 pupils – teaching them different topics every week. This week she was teaching them to tell the time, but… with a huge surprise up her sleeve!  She turned up with a watch for each and every pupil that she teaches, and all of these were brought by herself as a gift to the children.  The children could not believe it and were so thankful to Ms Katrina.  What a fantastic incentive to get them to learn to tell the time. 
children's watches
We have been told, that this is in fact not the first time that she has turned up with presents. She regularly comes with food and other gifts for them too. 
Children with watches
So incredibly generous, thank you Ms Katrina on behalf of us all at GSF. heart
The vegetable gardens are thriving.

The vegetable gardens are thriving.

Over the last few months, the beneficiaries have been working so hard planting vegetables and fruit plants around the village. They want to be as sustainable as possible for when they move into their new houses in a couple of months time.  


They have made full use of the Materials Recovery Facility (recycling area) that they built. The mothers used cans, containers and plastic bottles to plant some vegetables and hang amongst the bamboo. 




Alya (our social worker) has sent us some pictures of fantastic looking fruits and vegetables that the beneficiaries have sowed and cared for and are ready for harvesting!


In the pictures we can see lady finger, egg plant, long beans, papaya, lemon grass and spring onions! 



When the students from Central Philippine University were at the village they helped the beneficiaries with harvesting some of it to take home to their families too.  The beneficiaries are so happy to share their produce as the students from CPU look after their children so well on Saturdays teaching them. 


Well done to Alya and all the beneficiaries for working so hard in growing food for the village!


Saturday classes are the highlight of the week for the children.

Saturday classes are the highlight of the week for the children.

Saturday’s in the village cannot come around fast enough for the children. They are so excited to see the teachers from the College of Education of the Central Philippine University. The children jump up and down in excitement as they see the teachers arrive. What have they got in store for them today?…….


The teachers started the day by teaching the children basic school work and then onto singing nursery rhythms and some dancing. They finished in the classrooms with some story telling which the children really enjoyed.  They were captivated by these fascinating stories which took their minds and dreams to far away places.  One day in the future we hope to be able to make their dreams come true. 


The children were then given a lesson on hygiene and the importance of it. Starting with basic hand washing. To you and I such an everyday routine that we don’t even think about, but to the children of the village a totally new experience.


The teachers handed out combs, soaps and shampoos to the children to start using everyday.


The parents told Alya (our social worker) that they are so appreciative of what the children are experiencing every Saturday. They could not afford to send them to school and get this private tuition and they are so grateful to everyone for everything that the children are getting.

For us, this is just the start of our Education Program plans – stay tuned to find out more….




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