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Our Initiatives

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Identifying and fulfilling community needs is what the Greg Secker Foundation is all about. There are a number of current ongoing initiatives that your support will be invaluable in helping us assist in the work of the Foundation.
iconBuild a House, Build a Home

  • 100 New Homes
  • A Vision Realised

Build a House, Build a Home

Rebuilding a community devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

Youth Programmes

A week long summit teaching kids core life skills and inspiring a positive attitude in our young people.

  • $124,000 USDMoney Raised
  • $700,000 USDGoal

Flying Traders and Tradeathons

Follow Greg as he trades from the Skies in the Flying Trader and follow his teams as they Trade both around the world and the clock in live trading events, raising money for the Foundation.