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Flying Traders & Tradeathons


Flying Traders & Tradeathons


Money Raised $124,000 USD
icon Goal is $700,000 USD

The Foundation, partnering with Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts continue to run exciting and interactive live trading events to raise money for the foundation’s initiatives.

To find out when our next event is please email info@gregseckerfoundation.com

              • Combining Greg’s two passions, trading the currency markets and flying helicopters, he came up with the novel idea to fly over London while trading from the cockpit at 1500 feet – and so The Flying Trader was born. With the first event running in spring 2011, Greg streamed his trades to the Flying Trader website where over 500 people followed his trade calls and traded simultaneously from around the world. 12 successful Flying Trader events have since followed.

                Flying Trader 2017


                Flying Trader 2012


                Flying Trader 2011


  • Following on from the success of the Flying Trader Events in 2011 and 2012 in April 2013 Greg and his trading team ran its first ever endurance testing 24 hour Tradeathon. Each event, split into 4 shifts allowed over 200 traders to trade the Forex markets for a full 24 hours. The money we raised comes from ticket sales to attend the events and our broker giving all brokerage commissions to the Foundation.

  • Experience an exciting and fast-paced Live Trading Day on Learn to Trade’s Trading Floors in London, Sydney, Manila and Johannesburg. In partnership with Learn to Trade, Capital Index and SmartCharts, all ticket sales and commission raised goes directly to the Foundation. Follow live trading alerts and discover market insights from special guest speakers. These exciting live trading days are packed full of activities including music, magicians, masseurs and much more. To find out when our next event is please email info@gregseckerfoundation.com


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