Our Year 6 pupils receive a very generous gift…

Our Year 6 pupils receive a very generous gift…

By DR June Sanico 1 Reply 4 Sep 2017
Ms Katrina Jucaban
Since Saturday classes began in the village, Ms Katrina Jucaban, a 3rd year education student, majoring in Mathematics has been involved with our Year 6 pupils – teaching them different topics every week. This week she was teaching them to tell the time, but… with a huge surprise up her sleeve!  She turned up with a watch for each and every pupil that she teaches, and all of these were brought by herself as a gift to the children.  The children could not believe it and were so thankful to Ms Katrina.  What a fantastic incentive to get them to learn to tell the time. 
children's watches
We have been told, that this is in fact not the first time that she has turned up with presents. She regularly comes with food and other gifts for them too. 
Children with watches
So incredibly generous, thank you Ms Katrina on behalf of us all at GSF. heart

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One thought on “Our Year 6 pupils receive a very generous gift…”

  1. I am thankful for the Greg Secker Foundation for igniting the spark within me to reach out and share my blessings.
    This is indeed one of my favorite opportunities, not only to practice my profession as a future educator, but to also share what I can to others.
    It is true about what Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

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