Hooray for our new graduates…

Education has been a priority of The Greg Secker Foundation in reaching its goal of empowering people and helping them live a better life. 

We congratulate our new Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduates Cristine Ann Pamplona and Raul Ojero Jr. 


The Alternative Learning System is offered by the Department of Education to those people who have missed the regular schooling process but are till willing to study for a diploma in either Elementary Level or Secondary Education. 

Our two beneficiaries who were successful in passing the standard exams to get a diploma in Secondary Levels both have families already. Even though they have a family to tend, this reason did not hinder them from taking the ALS course and finishing it. ALS has been an advantage for people alike Cristine and Raul who does not have the capability to attend regular school due to their age and family status. 


The Greg Secker Foundation is always proud with every achievement that our beneficiary acquire. We make sure that we show them our support and appreciation. Our social worker on-site, Ms. Alya, attended the graduation ceremony at the Municipality of Ajuy. 


We also would like to extend our appreciation to the two ladies who are big factors to this milestone in Cristine and Raul’s education life. Mrs. Gelma Anatan and Ms. Marivie Fiebre, ALS Implementer in the District of Lemery. 

As such, we will tirelessly find ways to promote the importance of having proper education and its value towards ones life. 

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