The Emergency Trip Video

The Emergency Trip Video

In August you may recall us mentioning that Greg, Dean and our Ambassador, Ms Angelia Ong had to make an emergency trip to the village. One of our beneficiary families had lost their home in a flood and needed help. Greg made the decision to fly out and with the help of his team literally picked up the remains of the house (just the roof!) and carry it to a new safer plot.  The community all rallied together, it is just so reassuring that not only have we built a village but also created an environment where they all come together, and will now not only survive in, but thrive in.

It is thanks to you all with your donations that we are able to give these beneficiaries a life change. In January, we will be celebrating the completion of the village and welcome anyone that wants to join us to please do. For more information on this please get in touch with one of the team on  We look forward to seeing you there and joining us in this life changing experience. 


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