Philanthropy – what does it really mean?

Philanthropy – what does it really mean?

This week we wanted to talk about Philanthropy – What does the word actually mean?

Philanthropy can be broadly defined as love for human kind. It is derived from the Greek words “philos”, which means loving and “anthropos” which means humankind. A person who practices Philanthropy is called a Philanthropist.

The purpose of Philanthropy is to improve the wellbeing of humankind by preventing and solving social problems. Philanthropy is not the same as Charity. Charity focuses on eliminating the suffering caused by social problems, while philanthropy focuses on eliminating social problems. For example, giving food to a person who is suffering from famine is charity. The food helps the person for a short period of time, but the person will be become hungry again in the future. Teaching the person how to grow food is philanthropy because it eliminates the social problem causing the person’s hunger.

So, we as a Foundation are extremely honored to have Greg Secker as our Founder. We cover both the Charity and the Philanthropy! We are not just helping our community in the Philippines by building them new homes, but with Greg at the helm with his Philanthropic energy, are providing them the tools for a sustainable future too.

Huge excitement from the children as the back hoe arrives!

Huge excitement from the children as the back hoe arrives!

Today the site was full of squeals of delight from the children as the back hoe arrived on site.  DR, our project coordinator was pretty pleased to! He had been waiting for over a week for its arrival. Can you imagine, in the UK, waiting for a back hoe? You’d ring a demolition company first thing in the morning and could have half a dozen turning up by lunch! We don’t realise how easy it is for us here.



Now work can begin on the development of the land for the construction of the next 10 houses.

During the week, DR, still had the contractors working hard. Whilst waiting for the back hoe’s arrival, they were busy fabricating metal rebars and footings which will be used as the foundations for the houses.




The Foundation has a new office – it’s looking great inside and out!

The Foundation has a new office – it’s looking great inside and out!

This week, we are going to include a lot of photos into our blog to show you all the work going on – it gives you a better feel of what is happening and how busy the team on site are!

DR, our project coordinator, holds a daily meeting with his team planning the week’s projects.


The Foundation office was moved to the first completed house. We are busy collating CV’s for our social worker who will be based on site, so we need the office all ready for when they start. And, no office is complete without the “Company Mission Statement.”


The workers and beneficiaries have worked so hard making the front façade of the houses looking smart. It was all hands on deck; with holes being dug for the plants, rocks being collected for the borders and then the planting of plants, the painting of the rocks and transforming a scruffy bit of hillside to a well maintained “shrub bed”.


The front of the house as the work begins…..

Photo 19-03-2017


Holes are dug for the plants.


Nice straight lines!

Photo 19-03-2017-2

Rocks are collected from around the site to make the borders.

Photo 19-03-2017-3

The rocks are painted to make the borders stand out.

Photo 19-03-2017-4

And, finally, the finished borders! They look fantastic – well done everyone on site.




It’s been a hot and humid week, but the work still goes on!

It’s been a hot and humid week, but the work still goes on!

It’s been a hot and humid week on site, with temperatures averaging 30 degrees, but still the workers have had a productive week with backfilling of land, painting remaining homes and the ladies joining in for “International Women’s Day,” making Recycling Waste Bins!

The ambience in the village has been tranquil recently, with quieter tasks such as painting, windows being fitted and general maintenance. The gentle taps of hammers and drills were replaced by the arrival of dump trucks and bulldozers, which filled the village with a different hum of noise! The heavy rain had caused some soil erosion around the site, so the trucks were brought in to do some much-needed backfilling. This was all completed in a couple of days so it’s back to a peaceful … but busy site!





The first 50 houses are also getting finishing touches with windows being fitted. Hurrah no flies inside! Painting is nearly complete too, with the last couple of houses getting the final touches of blue on the windows and white exterior walls. It really is beginning to look like the village that everyone has dreamed for.






Finally, we must not forget our wonderful ladies! Especially with International Women’s Day falling this week! They have done a fantastic job and made use of recycled material to make recycling bins! They collected bamboo, scrap wood and any other left over bits of building material found around the village.  They split the bin into three sections: “MADUNOT” Biodegradable, “INDI-MADUNOT” Non bio-degradable and “RECYCLABLE”.

The ladies then recovered cement sacks and sewed them together to make bigger sacks that then slotted into the bins.


The final touch was a lick of paint and the final product was revealed!

Five of these bins have now been placed around the village with the next project being a waste management recovery facility.


So, it has been yet another productive week with everyone working so hard whatever the weather! DR, our project coordinator, is doing a fantastic job dealing with the many challenges on site, along with managing the construction workers, machinery workers, painters and landscapers.  

The dream for the beneficiaries of living in their own “Typhoon Safe” home is ever closer in turning into reality!



Nonito Donaire & Peter Anthony talk about giving back.

Nonito Donaire & Peter Anthony talk about giving back.

‘Coming from humble beginnings with the right attitude you can change the world’ – Nonito Donaire.

Peter Anthony sits on the board of The Greg Secker Foundation and interviewed the one and only Nonito Donaire. He is 7 times world boxing champion, a real boxing hero and a philanthropist.  Check out the video!

It’s great to be supporting each others causes, working together we can make a difference and change the world. For updates on the construction of the 100 homes being built by us keep an eye on our website and social media channels.


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