Ric Patricio holds a ‘Wash Seminar’ in the village.

Ric Patricio holds a ‘Wash Seminar’ in the village.

A week after the transfer of the Living Water Treatment System (LWTS) from the town hall of Lemery, to the village, Ric Patricio held a ‘Wash Seminar’ for the beneficiaries. 


He taught them about safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), as well as to make them aware about the availability of safe water for everyone in the community.


The seminar covered topics on how water gets contaminated, how microbes get into the stomach, how water can be purified and treated using the LWTS, how to store treated water in containers, how to wash hands properly, and how healthy hygiene and sanitation behaviours can protect everyone from upset stomachs.


Ric’s future commitment is to hold other community-based training not only on WASH but also on emerging and sustainable technologies to help ensure food security in the village. 

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