The “dirty kitchen” extensions have started!

The “dirty kitchen” extensions have started!

Work has begun on the kitchen extensions. These will be known as “dirty kitchens” and will be for the use of cooking with wood or charcoal.  It is unsafe to  cook inside the house because of the smoke, so these extensions are essential to the beneficiaries. 
Photo 01-07-2017-3
Last weekend our male beneficiaries had the chance to help and observe how the kitchen extension is made, so they are able to work on these with the foreman taking the lead and helping them.
The ovens used in the kitchens are called eco-KALAN which can be a portable stove made of clay consisting of three components: the outer shell (kalan) on which the cooking pot sits; the inner chamber (rocket elbow) where the combustion takes place; and a shelf with air holes to hold the fuel. The space between the kalan and the combustion chamber is filled with wood ash for insulation.
What a great way to cook! I guess our version here in the UK, is the barbecue! 

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