Christmas Tree Decorating Competition

Christmas Tree Decorating Competition

A couple of weeks ago we told you about our beneficiaries starting a Christmas Tree competition which will be judged at their Christmas party in the village on 23rd December.  

The decorating has been taken very seriously by the five groups and the results of the finished trees are truly spectacular! All the trees have been made with various recyclable items from around the village.

We would love to hear which tree you think should win the competition. Please comment in the comment section of our Facebook post!

Here are the contenders:


Tree No 1

Christmas Tree No: 1 is made from… a real tree! But, the group have covered it with decorations of stars and butterflies cut out of plastic bottles and plastic wrappers.   The base of the tree is decorated with their trash in a bottle project which they started a few months ago, any rubbish found in the village was put into plastic water bottles.  Baby Jesus can be found in a manger to the side of the tree and this is made with materials from the coconut tree – husk and leaves. 


Tree No 2

Christmas Tree No: 2 has been made of plastic wrappers from biscuits, breads, chips and wrapped around bamboo which was used as a base. 


Tree No 3

Christmas Tree No: 3 has been made of tin cups, soda bottles, straw and plastic bottles. The base is made of the trash in the bottle project and the star on the top is made of plastic disposable spoons. 


Tree no 4

Christmas Tree No: 4 has been made of plastic bottles of soda and the star on top is also made of plastic. They have planted plants in bottles added to the base so that the tree looks like it is behind a fence.


Tree No 5

Christmas Tree No: 5 is made of dried leaves, fruits. The star is also made of the same but the tassles are made of cloth gathered from the dressmaker. The base of the tree is the trash in the bottle project and already they have planted plants around the base to make it look beautiful!

Please do let us know which tree you think should win. The final judging day is on the 23rd December 2017.


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