The beneficiaries get together to decide the village rules….

The beneficiaries get together to decide the village rules….

It is very important that when our beneficiaries move into the village that they they all understand the do’s and don’ts in the village. With this in mind, we decided that they should implement these rules, not us, so last Saturday our village beneficiaries got together and split themselves into 7 groups. Each group then discussed what they thought the rules and policies should be in the village. It was a very interactive discussion and everyone shared their ideas and suggestions. 


In the afternoon the Philippine National Police of Lemery attended and spoke to the village about Security, Peace and Order, prohibition of drugs and children welfare. They advised them on their rules that they had come up with in their groups and these will now be implemented into the village life. 


Every family was given a certificate of attendance and the National Police were given a certificate of recognition from the Greg Secker Foundation for coming in and advising the families. 


The rules decided were:

  • PEACE AND ORDER (Curfew, No shouting, No Karaoke sessions late at night
  • CLEANLINESS & BEAUTIFICATION (Proper waste disposal, every household to have their own rubbish bin, maintain the gardens)
  • VOLUNTEERING and ACTIVITIES (Organise fun activities such as Greg Secker Olympics, Organise and celebrate Halloween, Christmas and Town Fiesta)
  • MAINTENANCE / FACILITY (To maintain their properties to a high standard)
  • WATER SYSTEM (To conserve water)

First Offence: Warning

Second Offence: Fine

Third Offence: Community Service

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