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Youth Leadership Summit


Youth Leadership Summit

The Summit is a powerful five-day development seminar aimed at 13 to 17-year-olds, which includes days focusing on health, wealth, relationships, leadership, entrepreneurship, contribution and purpose. Previous speakers were youth coach Harry Singha, Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor Marlon Smith and Tammy Kling founder of the Homeless Writers Project helping homeless people get back on their feet by writing their own books. The week gives previously shy and untrusting children a great boost in confidence and it is staggering to see the changes that can occur in a mere week.

After the Success of the Youth Leadership Summit, Greg and his Foundation Team decided to raise the bar even higher and create the Young Leaders Festival. The festival is a cornerstone programme in which world-renowned speakers and coaches mentor young people, teaching them practical rich-thinking strategies and essential emotional development tools. Through our application process we spoke to hundreds of teens from all walks of life and income levels, attending the festival to break down the misconceptions that a successful, fulfilled life only happens to someone else in another community.

Held at the Hop Farm in Kent, the week-long festival challenged young people to look at their futures beyond academics; showing 13-17 year olds that success in life went beyond just passing their GSCE exams. After the course is finished, we follow up with each of the attendees, ensuring they continue to meet their objectives and keep on the right track. This means we are fortunate enough to hear about the success stories and there have been some great examples of previous YLS teenagers going on to achieve their goals.

In 2016 the Foundation will be running Youth Leadership Summits in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

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