Nutrition Programme at the Capinahan School.

Nutrition Programme at the Capinahan School.

As part of our commitment to The Capinahan School, we are delighted to announce that we now have a Nutrition Programme in place. 


The parents firstly built a ‘Canteen’ in the traditional Bayanihan way.  The community spirit is as strong as ever and it is so heart warming to see everyone joining forces to get this building ready for the children. 


Whilst the children are in lessons, some of the mothers will get behind the scenes and start cooking the nutritious food, which will be available every day.  


Sadly, we learnt that the reason some children did not attend school in the past, was because the parents had no food to send to school with them (packed lunch). With this Nutrition programme now in place – every child can attend school and will receive a delicious lunch too. 


However, preparing the food is not a simple task –  the school currently has no water system in place so every morning the parents fetch water from the nearby water pump and carry it to school.  This water is then used for the food preparation and also to teach the children to wash their hands before eating. Hygiene seminars have been held in the village so it is important that is taught to the children at school. 


Ms. Annabel Roca, who is the parents representative expressed her heartfelt thanks to Greg and the Foundation for helping the children not only receive a proper education but good nutritious food too. The future is looking bright, and with this delicious ‘brain food’ the GSF children could well be the brightest! 









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